The Doctors at Arizona Injury Medical Associates want to be your personal injury doctors like they have been for so many others. Their caring compassionate staffs are highly trained and skilled in working with patients and many different types of auto and work accident injuries. That is also why they are known as the Arizona Workers Compensation doctor to turn to when you are in need of the best work comp doctor Arizona has to offer today.

What They Offer

At Arizona injury Medical Associates they offer treatment and medical case management for electro diagnostics including EMG and NCV studies. They can also provide full service pain management and second opinion consultations. They are a certified ABIME independent medical examiner for 5th and 6th edition AMA guides. They can also perform disability evaluations and federal disability retirement examinations. At Arizona IMA they offer care with lasting relief.

Treatment Options and Conditions

Their treatment options include but are not limited to physical medicine and rehabilitation, trigger point injections, physical therapy, medical acupuncture and interventional pain management such as epidurals and facet injections. They are familiar with treating many different symptoms in conditionals with non-surgical effective solutions. Some of the conditions they offer those solutions for include tendon and ligament injuries, work injuries, arthritis and tendonitis, numbing, tingling or weakness as well as nerve entrapment injuries and more.

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Their Website

On their website you could learn more about their doctors and staff as well as their services. In the Patient Information section you’ll find information about appointments forms you may find important as well as testimonials from previous patients under the Patient Information section you will also find a category titled education which includes a lot of great information about different conditions and injuries treated by the professionals at Arizona injury Medical Associates.

Federal Compensation Claims

At Arizona injury Medical Associates they specialize in federal workers compensation claims as well as federal injured workers evaluations including claim handling ratings and treatment. All of their in CV’s and EMG are always performed on site and their staff and doctors are both fluent in Spanish. You are guaranteed that if you go to Arizona I am A for your worker compensation treatment that you will be provided with expert pain management treatment by some of the best professionals available today. So contact them today to see why they are the Phoenix workers compensation doctor Arizona has been talking about.

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