Research on Stem Cell Treatment is ongoing and everyday a new fact surfaces about the biology and functions of stem cells and how these can be applied therapeutically for treating different degenerative diseases. Transplantation of cells for repairing injured organs and regenerating damaged tissues puts forward a very promising paradigm for treatment of varied diseases and if proven completely safe, then this can do away with costly organ transplantations surgery, which is the only treatment option for patients suffering from diseases such as arthritis, liver cirrhosis, and other such diseases. Stem Cell Therapy is possible because of the capability of repopulating of stem cells through trans-differentiation and differentiation.

Stem cell types and benefits

Stem cells can undergo both differentiation as well as self-renewal. These cells are found in several matured mammalian tissues, but adult cells might be developed into a few cell types only. Whereas, embryonic cells, extracted from premature mammalian embryos comes with the capability of forming any kind of differentiated cell of human body. Another advantage of embryonic cells is that these have usual karyotype while maintaining high level of telomerase activity as well as showing long-term potential of proliferation. This makes limitless expansion possible in culture. When transferred to vivo environment, these cells are able to differentiate to offshoots of the three layers of embryonic germs.

New developments in the area of stem cells

Some of the recent studies have also uncovered the possibility of initiating lineage-specific differentiation of embryonic stem cells in vitro. Another emerging aspect of Stem Cell Treatment is the use of mesenchymal cells for administering Stem Cell Therapy. These are multipotent cells, and these can produce both non-mesenchymal and mesenchymal tissues in vivo and in vitro. Although, differentiation capability of these cells in vitro is well known, yet more information regarding biology and distribution in human beings is still needed.

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Recent research and studies

On one hand where research is going on rigorously to develop safe Stem Cell Treatment options, steps to control the ability of self-renewal is also required on the other hand. Only a combination of both the aspects can transfer Stem Cell Therapy to the clinics. At present, clinical research has gone to a very advanced stage where stem cells are being used as injections to prevent as well as manage debilitating diseases. Stem cell culture including embryonic cells and induced pluripotent cells now offers a possibility to understand and study pathophysiology and molecular basis of cancer, diabetes, liver failure, heart diseases and many ailments of the nervous system.

Recent advancement in the area of iPSCs has opened the gate of opportunities in tissue engineering and regeneration. Now, stem cells of specific patients can be derived from adult cells, which can then regenerate into organ and tissues required. Prominent research institutes like Giostar now takes advantage of all the advancements in the field of Stem Cell Treatment and is ready with a range of stem cell based therapies. It makes sure that patients can benefit from Stem Cell Therapy using different approaches and techniques. They are making every possible contribution in exploring the potential of Stem Cell Therapy and ensure that patients can get a new hope to live a healthy life.

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